AADHA LOVE -New Nepali Full Movie 2019/2075


AADHA LOVE New Nepali Full Movie 2019/2075

Ft. Mithila, Tika, Arpan, Reecha, Raymon, Rojisha, Bipin

Richa Sharma Films Presents!
New Nepali Movie AADHA LOVE
A Film by Arpan Thapa

Artist: Tika Pahari, Arpan Thapa, Mithila Sharma, Reecha Sharma, Rojisha Shahi, Raymon Das Shrestha, Bipin Mickey Gurung
DOP: Sishan Baniya
Editor: Nimesh Shrestha
Production Design: Pravin Raut, Kusu Pokhrel
Art Director: Menuka Rai
Hair/Make Up: Seema Gurung
Casting: Reecha Sharma
Music: Tsujil Karmacharya
Colorist: Kapil Parajuli
Asst. Director: Prabachan Shrestha
Executive Producer: Arpan Thapa
Producer: Reecha Sharma
Writer/Director: Arpan Thapa

AADHA LOVE -New Nepali Full Movie 2019/2075

Some Youtube Comments:

  • फोकटमा हेरियो के हो यस्तो ? tainatui को ? फिल्म दिन खोजेको सन्देश चाहि के हो ? मैले त सिकेको सन्देश त खाटमुनि लुकेर सुतेको भेला बेहोस हुने औषधि सुँगाएर अरुको बूढ़ी …गर्नु पर्ने रहेछ भन्ने मात्र सिके त
  • And at the end Reecha Sharma was like “Birko ma Lako Chini Ma Kasari? Pasyo Kamilo?”
  • thumbnail ma yesto seducing pic rakhe paxi hall ma nako views youtube ma aauxan ni
  • ramro lagyo movie ko concpet. eutai building ma vayeko multiple stories. ending le continuity diyo story lai. sad but realsitic enging man paryo
  • Aadha love ending pani ramro vayana k vana khojeko kahi bujena tapai haru nai vanusta
  • Richa character be like, how did it happen. Weirdo type..last psycho vayo tyo character ta….
  • Amazing portrayal of real life stories. All the actors performed well; however, some traces of over-acting were seen throughout the movie which took the essence of the characters away. The movie depicted a holistic approach towards the current situation not just of Nepal but the world in general except Richa Sharma’s and Arpan Thapa’s. Their part added the right amount of thriller to the movie rather than the reality. And with regards to the mother-daughter story, the reason for the hatred was ambiguous. Also, I could see some inspiration from a Bollywood movie “Fashion”. Overall, it was a boring (wherein you could predict what would happen next) yet entertaining (wherein the characters were captivating) movie. Though I am not a critic, I would rate 3 out of 5 stars for this.

AADHA LOVE -New Nepali Full Movie 2019/2075

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